We are not alone! When I turned eight the year was 1965. This was at the height of Project Blue Book. Every day after school I perused the sky, searching for metallic discs from distant horizons. At night, my eyes focused through my trusty telescope by the light of the moon. Never spotted any alien craft entering our rare atmosphere. However, the sky is a vast tapestry of possibilities and I was one kid peering at a slim quadrant above me. I know now, what I knew then. We are not alone. I’ve learned that my capacity to be fascinated by the sheer breath of this subject has not diminished. As an adult I started the first 900# in this country dealing with UFO’s. I received periodicals from around the world packed with unearthly stories. In my novel ‘Psychedelic Prophet’ I make use of this knowledge obtained in that endeavor.

UFO Blogs: Michalak Incident Part One by Glenn A. Segal

Overjoyed at the prospect of communication he shouted out greetings in English. Receiving no response, in that language he proceeded to shout phrases of welcome he knew in French, Russian and German.... READ MORE

UFO Blogs: Michalak Incident Part One by Glenn A. Segal

On May 20, 1967 a Winnipeg, Canada resident named Steven Michalak arrived at Falcon Lake. He planned to prospect for precious minerals. Steven prided himself as an Amateur Geologist. He traveled some eighty miles to explore a promising location. ... READ MORE

UFO BLOGS: Early Years By Glenn A. Segal

Early Years When I was ten years old in 1967, still remember the sheer enjoyment, sense of wonder attained by reading the latest Gospel about UFO’s. The Blue Book Project, A Case for UFO’s, new publications surfacing monthly. At the time I read Von Daniken’s accounts of pre-civilization alien agendas. A race, advanced beyond our wildest imagination. Beaming an ... READ MORE

Close Encounters By Glenn A. Segal

ON WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 9, 1994 a story appeared in THE LIFESTYLE section of THE NORTHEAST TIMES. The heading ‘Close Encounters’ written by Gary Strassberg. In the article he uses quite a bit of my quotes including… “I’ve always been angry with people who think this is it… that there’s nothing else out there in the ... READ MORE

ODYSSEUS By Glenn A. Segal

In this final installment I will attempt to communicate my thoughts about Earthly participation in these UFO’S occurrences. You’ll glean, I hope, useful links in your search for the truth in the content of this article. My views on extra-terrestrial visitors have varied as my horizon’s expanded. At ten, I swore that reptilian creatures from a distant sun were buzzing our country... READ MORE

Beyond the Stars By Glenn A. Segal

Are we the improbable inhabitants of a distant planet, discussed at length by astronomers, does the general population of another galaxy, far from our corner of the universe covet our world? Do other civilizations (used loosely here) strive to establish contact with sentient beings like we do? These are questions that define the human predicament, though few ... READ MORE


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